Can you think of a better reason to choose self-tan over sun beds than protecting your skin from those harsh UV rays? We can’t… 

From becoming a pro exfoliator to avoiding moisturisers, there’s a few thing you should always consider before fake tanning, and these five #LTKbeauty baes have tried and tested the very best in self-tan solutions, proving that fake glow can steal the show! 

Read on and scroll through to snap up some top tips and shop your next summer glow steal…

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

There’s nothing more disheartening than applying self tan to skin that’s dry and a little on the flakey side. What you thought would leave you with glowing, sun-kissed skin; actually became a patchy mess because you forgot to exfoliate. Take time to prep before you slather in product, considering homemade scrubs and choosing the right exfoliation gloves can make a real difference. 

There’s no need for moisture

Your self tan will very likely provide all the moisture you need in your self tan regime. Over moisturising beforehand can form a barrier over your skin and prevent the tan from developing fully. If you exfoliate well, you’ll avoid any dry skin woes you have, and can abolish additional moisturisers all together. If you absolutely must moisturise, stick to your hands and feet only. 

Choose the right gloves

Stay away from stained fingers and hands, and invest in a partner in crime, a.k.a the perfect self tan glove. You need to feel comfortable with your choices, so don’t be afraid to test a few out before you decide on the deal breaker.  

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