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I started my blog (then called ‘Nerd about Town’) in University back in 2008 as a way to talk about how much I disliked my course. Overtime, I began writing more about beauty and skincare, and eventually fashion.

I’d always had a huge love of clothing, but was unable to buy the kinds of pieces that I felt represented me until ASOS Curve launched in 2013. That’s when I really started to come alive with fashion. I documented my style on the blog, as well as my feelings regarding self-care, mental health, body confidence, and other plus-size-specific issues that I was passionate about. Eventually, I started utilising Instagram more, especially when it came to sharing my outfits while simultaneously writing longer-form content on my blog.

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Yes! It’s incredibly exciting. My book is called Fattily Ever After and is about how plus-sized black women navigate society whilst living within various intersections. I cover everything from the history of body positivity and how it was pioneered by black women (who have been subsequently ‘shut out’ from the community now) to how we navigate various topics like dating, mental health, physical health, cultural differences and how we are represented within the media.

While it is a book I’ve written with plus size black women in mind, the book can be read by anyone wishing to learn about the history of body positivity, as well as hear alternative perspectives on the matter!

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It’s an unbelievable honour to be named Trendsetter of the Year! At times, it can be difficult to be so vulnerable with specific issues relating to self-esteem, body image, and mental health online. However, knowing that talking about my own vulnerabilities helps other women with their own self-esteem and confidence is such an uplifting and joyous feeling! It’s so incredibly heartwarming to be recognised in this category.

For me, a trendsetter is someone who is unapologetic in how they live and present themselves. They are unique in the way they see the world, which can be expressed through anything from the words they write to the clothes they wear. Trendsetters are consistent in their beliefs and the ideologies they believe in. Regardless of body shape, race, gender, sexuality, these people live unapologetically in their truth and refuse to compromise their beliefs for anyone. That is what a trendsetter looks like to me.

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D’you know, I’m absolutely LOVING corduroy right now. I think it’s the perfect material for the current inbetweenie weather we are going through at the moment, and it’s one of those fabrics that’ll never go out of fashion. Whether it be jumpsuits (I have an amazing dark blue cord jumpsuit from ASOS curve that is a prominent fave), cigarette pants, or a grandad collar shirt, I just can’t get enough of not only how they feel, but the preppy/art-teacher vibe they give off! In regards to upcoming trends, I can definitely see Bermuda shorts being a thing this Spring/Summer, as well as ‘Midsommar-esqe’ floaty, neutral dresses.

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