How to: Mix High-Street with High-End a la Acoppergarden: Exclusive Q+A

Exclusive Q+A with coppergarden for liketoknowit coppergarden

We joined Jessica, a.k.a Acoppergarden, in an exclusive Q+A to learn how she styles her #LTKunder50 finds, with must-have investment pieces. Get your shopping goggles at the ready; and scroll through to shop her style tips via the app.

What are you wearing today?

“My outfit for today is a mix of high-street and high-end. I’ve got a couple of accessories from Gucci like my shoes and belt, and my suit is new-season Topshop; it’s so comfortable”.

What style rules do you live by?

“I like a lot of plain outfits. Everything I wear is kind of muted down, so I like to add a lot of accessories. I tend to go for high-end accessories; so I’ve got this Aspinal black croc bag, my black Gucci boots and a few silver bracelets from Pandora”.

What trends will dominate your Spring wardrobe?

“One of the first trends I’m loving for spring is suiting; I’ve got quite a few as you can see. I’m also loving pastels; so it’s really great when you can mix the two together and get a pastel suit. The second trend I’m loving is the safari vibe; a lot of earthy tones and utility jackets that you can mix and match. Finally, I’m loving white and neutrals, and also broderie; which is a great way to add a little something special to your wardobe. Instead of getting a plain white jacket; this broderie one acts as a feature piece”.

If you had to choose one item from your wardrobe to carry into Spring, what would it be?

“This short camel coat has pretty much seen me through every season and it’s definitely something I’m taking through to spring. It’s a color that’s perfect for the season, but it’s also not at all heavy so it’s perfect for a not so hot day. I’m also obsessed with hair accessories at the moment, and I feel like they definitely had a moment back in winter”.

What was your favorite look from your recent trip to Paris?

“When I was in Paris, it actually rained a lot; so I brought this lightweight beige trench coat out with me quite a bit. It goes with everything and it’s the perfect piece to have in your wardrobe. One thing I wore a lot of was a béret; you can’t go to France and not where a béret with everything”.

High street or high end?

“With accessories I like to go high end because I think it’s a bit more of an investment to have something to last a bit longer, rather than spending money on something that won’t last. My gucci belt is one of my best investments; I’ve got it in black and white now. This straw bag is my latest high end purchase from Loewe. I use straw bags a lot, so I thought it was about time to invest in a high end alternative. I do like high street accessories too; I have this bucket bag from Topshop and these white woven shoes from Accessorize; there super summer focused so I thought I’d spend a little less and only bring them out for holidays”.

Where do you find style inspiration?

“Because I wear a lot of plain, basic pieces like this white knit from & Other Stories, I like to go to places like Pinterest, Instagram and the app, to find examples of ways I can style it up for the current season. For example, I picked up these shorts from Mango, and then saw them on Alucyflorals’ account, and came up with a few different ways to style them based on inspiration from her”.

Fave influencers to follow in the app?

“Three of my favorite girls in the app are Asineadcrowe, Ajesschamilton, and Alucyflorals. Lucy’s actually getting married soon, so I’m super excited to see her content. Sinead and Jess are smashing the LA content, so lots of summer vibes”.









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