Perfecting the fashion flat-lay doesn’t come easy; but with a few tips + tricks, we can all become mini-experts in the field. We joined fashion and lifestyle blogger, Joana from @styletraces to talk about her love for carefully curated Insta-worthy shots, and how she shops + styles to perfect them.

You’re known for your beautiful and unique flat-lays. What inspired you to start posting them, and when did you realise they worked so well for you?

I shared my first flat-lay on Instagram about seven years ago. They were of my gym outfits every morning, before my workout. I would lay clothes on the floor, style them, take a picture with a phone and share to Instagram, saying “lets go!”. It’s good to remember those days, but when I look back to those flat-lays… Oh my.

When I moved to Dublin from Portugal, I started looking at my blog more professionally, and decided to improve my flat-lay game. I started doing human flat-lays with me in them, and bed-lays of a Sunday morning breakfast in bed.

Before long, in a country I’d only called home for less than a year, people started referring to me as the “flay-lay Queen”. My work was being sharing more and more – I couldn’t believe it! My flat-lays helped me to land my first job overseas working in photography.

What are your top 3 essentials to include in a fashion flat-lay?

I would say I always love to use my favorite jewellery (rings, necklace and watch; golden accessories to level up the pic), my favorite lipstick, and where possible, my beloved mini bags or wallet.

What composition tips would you give to other content creators who want to create eye-catching flat-lays?

I have five top tips to share:

  1. Background: Pick a plain background like table tops, marble tiles or clean bed sheets. 
  2. Light: Natural light is my favorite! Try working close to a window. 
  3. Theme: Pick a theme. Choose from fashion, travel, beauty and food – and tell a story!
  4. Color palette: Choose the main color and stick to the same or complimentary shades. 
  5. Focal point: If you have a new lipstick or a new bag and you want to share the news, pick that as your main piece and build the photo around it. 

How would you describe your signature style?

I always find this a tricky question, as I feel that my style runs with my mood. I would probably say lady-cool or casual/classy!

What are your favorite trends this season?

I’m loving all the tan tones and beige hues this season. Easy to guess when you look at my feed.


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