As one of the world’s OG influencers, Aimee Song of @songofstyle has continually changed perceptions about the fashion industry by speaking publicly about mindfulness. We celebrate her authenticity in the the influencer space, as well as in the style stakes, as one of our 2018 Voices of Influence honorees.

We spoke with Aimee about her impact:

LTK: Your blog, Song of Style, turned 10 this year! How has the fashion and influencer industry changed since you started?

Aimee: Many influencers are rising to become very prominent figures and important voices in the fashion industry. I would’ve never dreamt of being featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list or even being on the same BOF 500 list (which didn’t exist until few years ago) with industry leaders I’ve admired such as Karl Lagerfeld, Dephine Arnault, and Virgil Abloh. Nobody can deny the effect influencers have in the fashion industry with many new voices rising to the top and less traditional influencers making an impact.

LTK: How have you leveraged your following and platform to to raise awareness on issues and causes you are passionate about? 

Aimee: I’ve used my platform to raise money for clean water initiatives (we raised over $80,000) and have taken charity trips in Africa such as Ethiopia and Kenya to document and raise awareness on certain issues. Even though I’m a fashion blogger, I believe that with a platform comes responsibility and shedding light on people of diverse backgrounds and giving a platform to underrepresented individuals is incredibly important to me, and I’m so happy that blogging has been the vehicle that’s allowed that to happen.

LTK: What tips do you have for remaining authentic to your true self, especially in the world of social media?

Aimee: It’s natural for me to share what I love and the highs of my life. My life seems glamorous and over time I’ve curated and shared only the best parts of my life/job but I realized that it created false expectations so now I’m much more transparent and honest. I love connecting with people and a big part of why I started my blog and remained doing what I do is because of that human connection and my love for sharing. We couldn’t connect to people back in the day the same way we do now. I’m just more mindful in being authentic and also doing what makes my heart happy. I don’t push content just to push and it’s important for me to capture real moments instead of curating them. 

LTK: You’ve been vocal about your struggle with anxiety. How do you cope as a influencer who is constantly in the spotlight?

Aimee: Because who I am is basically my brand, it’s hard to turn off. I’ve started therapy starting last year and this year, I’m even more committed to therapy and taking care of my self mentally. Whether that’s having a healthier relationship with social media or actually taking time off.

LTK: What is your goal for the Song of Style brand and message? 

Aimee: I’m creating Song of Style to live outside of me. No longer just a fashion blog or an instagram page. Soon to be a clothing company, an advertising hub, a publishing house, maybe even a production company. 

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