Famed for her career in TV, modelling, and journalism (to name a few); Louise Roe is an OG in the fashion industry; and recognised globally as a taste-maker in her field. 

We sat down with her in our London HQ for a quick chat about her goals for 2020, where the industry is heading, and a little wardrobe inspiration to welcome payday with a bang! 

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“I love what I get to do, and now working as an influencer I get to travel a lot too” 


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

“Hi guys, I’m Louise Roe. I have just moved back to England after living in LA for eleven years. I work in TV as a presenter, and my background is in Fashion Journalism working at various magazines; before moving stateside. I love what I get to do, and now working as an influencer I get to travel a lot too” 

What are you wearing today?

“It’s freezing in London and it’s a beautiful, crisp winters day. The sun is out, but it’s COLD! I’m wearing leather trousers (bootcut) from Theory! I love Theory! My boots are really comfy (because I’ve got a long commute) and they’re from Walmart and are a major, major bargain. I’ve featured both of these before on my LIKEtoKNOW.it profile. My knit is from Sezane, which is one of my favourite French brands. Scroll below to check out the pie-crust collar, it’s actually connected to the sweater which makes getting dressed really easy, and it’s got really pretty tortoiseshell buttons”


“Check out the pie-crust collar!”


Can you believe we’re in 2020! Did you make any resolutions and have you stuck to them?

“I didn’t technically make any resolutions for 2020, because… I’m a bit ‘resolusioned’ out. I think if anything, it was to do less and as cliché as this sounds, it’s to be a bit more present. I’ve got a two year old daughter, so to play with her without having my phone in the room, and just letting myself slow down. I think our generation is obsessed with doing as much as possible, and being almost over-productive, but it’s ok to just slow down and enjoy the moment”. 

How would you describe the last decade in style?

“I mean, how can you sum up an entire decade of style? I used to go to ALL the fashion weeks, not just women’s, but menswear and couture, and those were all in the last decade. Watching every trend as it emerges, it is cyclical, but in a good way. Everything has been done before, but reimagined. Every trend is out there at the moment. It’s impossible to sum it up, but what I would say is you can wear anything you want and make it your own, more than ever now that you could before. I think there’s a freedom in Fashion now which is really awesome”.

What’s your signature style?

“It’s always hard to describe your own, because you can end up sounding a bit arrogant like ‘oh, I think it’s French’. I’d like it to be a bit French, and I wear a lot of French brands like Sezane. It’s definitely simplified, the older I get. I love neutral tones and I’m more about little details and the quality of fabrics now, so I’d rather have less items in my wardrobe that are better quality, and ‘hopefully’ mix and match them for the next ten years”. 


“I think there’s a freedom in Fashion now which is really awesome”


Do you have your eyes on anything for Spring?

“Spring is probably the most exciting season for Fashion because it’s like shedding a layer, and you breathe a new lease of life and everyone gets a bit of skin out! I love Chintzy, floral dresses so I will be looking for lots of cotton and linen with small details like Curtains. Yep, Chintz curtains on my dress, I want loads of that. Because it’s chilly here, I think a nice trench coat over the top can be really elegant, or you might still wear it with a boot for a while! Cool sneakers, I’ve been wearing my Feiyue sneakers (they’re a martial arts brand) which are really cheap and amazing! Finally, stacking up lots of jewellery. I still love Missoma and Daisy London try and keep things simple”.

What do you love most about transeasonal style?

“Transeasonal style is such a good phrase, and basically means wearing something in different ways for different seasons. I think that layering is key – I love a floral dress with a really chunky knit cardigan, or tights and boots underneath. I LOVE midi skirts; in fact I recently wore a paisley silk midi skirt with a suede knee-high boot and a chunky knit jumper over the top, which is a great example of using something that should be for Spring in Winter. Then, of course, sunglasses in winter on sunny days like this!” 

Three style rules to live by in 2020?

Have fun with fashion – It’s not life or death! If something doesn’t quite work, so what? Take it off, it doesn’t matter

Be conscious of the environment  – If you can up-cycle, reuse, share – do it, and be aware of how the items are made

Buy investment pieces – I know you’ve heard that phrase SO much but it really does make sense. Even if it’s in the sale, you’ll wear the perfect cut blazer forever


“Yep, Chintz curtains on my dress, I want loads of that”


Where is the Fashion industry heading?

“I think recycling Fashion is going to be huge and ways in which you can be smarter. I hope fast Fashion slows down and I think in terms of trends, it’s going to be interesting to see how tech fabrics emerge. In many ways, they didn’t take off as fast as people thought, but perhaps they will go down another avenue. I am still ALL about the bum-bag as a Mum (free hands – thank you very much). I also think timeless pieces will not change – the blazer, the jean, the leather jacket, the little black dress. It doesn’t matter what decade you’re in, they’ll still look great. The more trends change, the more people want to hang onto timelessness actually”. 

Fave content creators to follow in the LIKEtoKNOW.it app?

“I love discovering newbies in the LIKEtoKNOW.it app and girls who have smaller audiences, who perhaps do really interesting jobs on the side. There’s a French Girl called Victoria Gasperi (@laugh_of_artist), she is seriously chic and I love the way she shoots as well. Monikh Dale (@monikh) is a writer and a stylist and I love her look. Lorna (@symphonyofsilk) is very refined and elegant, and then Lauren Francine Campbell (@astyleedit) who is British and just COOL, I think I like discovering girls who not everyones discovered yet”. 

What can we expect to see from you next?

“So having moved back to the UK, my husband and I are currently renovating a very old house in the countryside. It’s become our favourite (HUGE) project and as a result, I’ve started @louiseroehome, so follow me there if you’re interested in home makeovers, home inspo and seeing the mess and dust that is hopefully going to make way for a really beautiful house. I’ve loved setting up this new part of my business, and it’s growing so I will be putting all the items that I’m finding and buying on my LIKEtoKNOW.it profile too!”


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