Festive Fashion and Beauty Essentials with Athelipstickfever: Exclusive Q+A


We joined the effortlessly-chic Em Roberts from The Lipstick Fever for an exclusive #LTKLive Q+A on how she grew her influencer business, beauty must-haves, and all things festive fashion.

Can you tell our followers a little bit about yourself?

Hi Everyone, and thank you so much for having me at My name is Em, and my blog is The Lipstick Fever. Fashion and beauty is my focus as far as content goes, which I started 3 years ago in New York. I lived in New York for 6 years, and then I have now moved to London where I’ve been living for a year and a half.

 What are you wearing today?

Yes! So today I’m wearing a cute red French Connection jumper – very British of me, I know! I’m wearing reformation jeans and these very fun and festive Ted Baker heels – just to throw in a little festiveness since we’re approaching the holidays… and then Weekday hoop earrings.

We love your accent! Why did you take the leap from New York to London?

So, I met my now Husband in America – he’s American too, from Chicago, and we have since moved over together for his job.

What differences do you see between the style in New York and here in London?

I love this question! So coming from New York, I feel like styles are similar but different… I mean they’re both fashion hubs so people are impeccably dressed in both cities, but I feel like London is kind of elevated. I live in central London, and I feel like everyone does have that effortless European cool style that everyone wants. Everyone is always classic and dressed up.

Do you feel like that elevated, classic style is reflected in your personal style?

Yes, I definitely think so. I kind of feel like you dress for your environment. So my last year living in New York, I actually lived in Brooklyn, so I did the whole sort of boho-grunge, edgy style. Then moving to London, I feel like my style has changed. I still have that minimal style but I dress up a bit more, even in my everyday I’ll wear something a bit more tailored mixed with classic pieces. It’s been a lot of fun to change up my style.

What city in Europe most inspires your sartorial senses and why?

I loved this question! I love how you guys worded it too! This is kind of a no-brainer. Paris! Like I’m in love, I’ve been 6 times now. Living in London it’s just a 2 hour train ride. I feel like French girls have it down – they’re so effortless and cool. I feel like they roll out of bed, throw some dry shampoo through their hair and smudge a bit of red lipstick, and they look amazing. Between the landscape and people, it’s just an amazing city!

What’s the first thing you’re drawn to in an aspirational look?

I feel like I’m drawn to a bold lip, just something that pops in an outfit. Also a statement piece – whether I notice this on someone else, or in something I’m styling. I try to pick like one statement piece and really style the look around that piece.

Which fictional character inspires you most?

I’m going to pull the Sex and The City card here… Carrie Bradshaw! All the way! Her style has been amazing and that whole 90’s trend is coming back, so like the late 90’s, early 2000’s. Her style was so outlandish, fun, quirky and weird and I love that. I kind of feel like we can all take a tip from her. That’s an easy one.

Let’s talk a little more about your blog… When and how did you go about launching it?

So I was living in New York and I was actually working in digital media at the time, which is what I was doing for 6 years. I’d always loved fashion and styling, from high-school, college… I interned for a fashion designer and then fell into the start-up world in New York and I craved the creativity. I started my Instagram as a side hobby, and really had no idea what would come from it later on. I launched my Instagram and my blog at the same time 3 and a half years ago and now I’m doing this full time for a job.

What tips did you pick up from working in-house at a fashion designer and how did you use that to grow your blog?

That’s such a good question. I think I realised just how much goes into creating your own fashion brand. The amount of work that goes into it, and the amount of resources you need to just get it up and running is incredible. That was really cool. It really helped me to launch my brand and inspired me to build a team around me, whether that’s an intern or a photographer in the early days.

With your blog content spanning fashion, beauty, lifestyle… how do you decide what your audience will enjoy and how do you approach each vertical differently?

I think it just comes down to your interests and what you think you can provide value to your audience with. For me that was easy, it was always fashion, styling and then beauty. I’ve grown to really love beauty and enjoy educating myself on new skincare, make-up, and getting to explore more brands both in the UK now, and in the US. But I definitely approach them differently. Especially with the brands I work with, when it comes to fashion or a piece of clothing it’s pretty easy to find out whether you’re going to like the brand but when it comes to beauty you really need to do your due-diligence. Try a product for a month, that’s my game plan with beauty – I’m never going to bring a product to my audiences attention if I haven’t tried and tested it.

Whats your favourite blog topic to date?

So I am skincare obsessed, and I feel as we get older it’s so important to take care of your skin. Skincare is a big one for me, and I think for my audience too. Shout out to Renee Lapino, she’s a London skin guru but she’s also American and she’s all about results. We teamed up and we did a pretty quick round-up of our top 10 skin tips. Number 1 was obviously drink 8 glasses of water a day, but we tried to take each step a step further. I was sitting on so much knowledge that I just wanted to share it with my audience.

From your blog name, can we assume you’re a fan of lipsticks too?

Yes,  yes – you hit the nail on the head! I feel like the foundation of my blog was always street style but it was always having fun, playing with a bold look. I feel like a red lipstick can take an outfit to a complete new level. Even today, I’m wearing a camel jumper but if I throw on a red lip it’s sort of elevated. I’m such a fan of throwing a fun color into your look – even for day time too.

If you had to pick one lipstick to wear everyday, what would it be?

RMS beauty is one of my new favorite lipstick brands. Their a clean brand from the states – clean, non-toxic, vegan, all of that good stuff! Their mineral lipsticks, so very moisturising on your lips. I’m going on and on about the formula… let’s get to that good part! I love their colors. My favorite is called Brain Teaser and it’s like a mauve brown, nice for everyday. It’s very pigmented too so you don’t need a lot, and you can also smudge them like the French girls we just spoke about!

Beyond the lipsticks… do you have any other holy-grail products you love?

Hyaluronic acid to plump your skin is such a necessity! Vitamin C serum, another everyday – I use it every morning to help brighten my skin and give it some glow. It has hyaluronic acid so it also plumps your skin. My third holy-grail is definitely an overnight sleep mask. I even use it sometimes as a quick boost for 15 minutes before applying make-up.

What’s next for your winter wardrobe?

I feel like transitioning from fall to winter is all about the teddy coat. I feel like I have one on hand every season. This season I went for one a little bit longer and it’s automatically oversized so for this one I went true to size. You can just throw them on over anything and they look chic. Teddy coats, faux fur – I’m loving these trends! Super cosy!

Do you have any tips for taking your style from days at the desk to nights of cocktails?

Oh it’s so easy and I do this too when I travel. The slip dress is perfect for this. This one has a sheen to it, so really nice for holiday. I’ve styled this on my Instagram very recently… once with a really comfy oversized knit – perfect for the day time. You could do sneakers, or a cute bootie with this. And then for night time, worn with a little bralet under the dress. Take off the knit and throw on a teddy coat and a pair of heels.

In terms of other party pieces… What do you have in your Wish List ready for the Cyber Week sales?

Ok so Revolve dresses! They have an insane collection right now of party dresses, from midi dresses, to minis, to floor-length. Sequins, velvet, metallic – you name it! They have so many party choices. I don’t always invest in party dresses during the festive season but what I will invest in is a blazer dress because you’ll wear it again. I love a red, I feel like red is in the family of black, white and neutral now.. it’s not going away.

Any fave party accessories?

I would say you need a little party bag. A fun little clutch. Something gold, something you can style different ways. A bright red heel is so fun for a pop of colour, and you can wear them again so it’s a nice bang for your buck. The third would probably be a statement gold chain belt, which you can wear with a dress or knitwear. It’s so festive and fun.

Any tips for surviving the holiday season?

A: I would say just managing your time. So what I try to do is not have two nights in a row out so I stay sane. There’s so much going on during this time of year so I think it’s about making a conscious effort to manage your schedule the best you can. And do a face mask before you go out!

Before you go… Fave influencers to follow in the app?

I love this! I got to come to the rewardStyle All-Access event and they had a panel of some of my favorite bloggers who are also my good friends. I love following Sophie Milner and Nimi Blackwell in the app. I love following their street style and how they wear their high-street pieces. And then Lorna Luxe – shout out Lorna Luxe! She inspired me to buy this teddy coat, and I’ve never looked back. Just her eye for high-street pieces to mix into your wardrobe is really good.

Do you have anything fun coming up this week?

It’s Thanksgiving so I’ll be seeing my London family for dinner and drinks, then I’m seeing Hamilton with a friend on Thursday – it should all be super fun!







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