Victoria Magrath, a.k.a @inthefrow, has established herself as one of fashion’s OG bloggers; as well as one of our go-to girls in the app. Victoria joined us at the London HQ to share her ‘Fashion Rules’ for Spring/Summer 2019.

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What are you wearing today?

“Today I’m wearing my All Saints Jumper over a camisole dress slip, some Bally Boots, my Balmain Blazer (because it’s horrible + raining outside), and my favorite Chloe Bag”.

How would you describe your signature style?

“My signature look most days is often a bodysuit, because they’re so versatile; they go with everything, and I also love statement trousers! This season, I’ve gone a bit more Spring led. I love my new Vegan pair from Nanushka”.

You travel a lot for work; how does this inspire your outfit choices?

“With how much I travel, I ALWAYS need a pair of really comfortable shoes. My slip-on Tod loafers are my saviour for plane journeys and airports, and this is just an amazing cashmere jumper that keeps you really cosy on the flight!”.

Even your casual looks ooze glamour – any tips for being bold + brave with your style?

“If I’m casual but still want to look fabulous, recently I’ve been going to this Dior Bag. It’s so bold, it’s so exciting. It’s got my name on it and anything with personalisation just makes it so much more fun! Also, this nice bright Chloe colorful handbag once again; it just brightens up every single outfit”.

Your hair tutorials always go down a storm; as the queen of color, what advice would you give anyone looking to maintain a vibrant hair color?

“If you’re a blonde like me… HONESTLY look no further than the Redken blonded range. I am obsessed with this, it keeps my blonde really nice and bright. Otherwise, an incredible mask like the Redken Color Mask”.

Favourite trends this season?

“This season, I’m all about the yellow and orange trends. I just think they’re amazing to just brighten up every single outfit. So my high-neck cashmere jumper, I just have not stopped wearing. Oh, and of course my Chloe handbag too!”.

Your book ‘The New Fashion Rules’ explores the pivotal moments that have changed Fashion. What would you say is next for the industry?

“I talk about this briefly in my book; about the impacts of fashion. I really do think we’re going to see a tonne of new brands coming out offering sustainable clothing, but I also think we’ll see already established brands changing to a more sustainable effort”.

Three things you’d never leave your house without?

“I never, ever, leave without the NARS soft matte concealer; it’s incredible! The La Mer Lip Balm is also really plumping for your lips. Plus, my little Dior Wallet in case I need a coffee!”.

Finally, the question we’ve all been waiting for; what’s it like shopping as a bride-to-be?

“I’m having sooo much fun shopping as a bride. I literally just came from the Sophia Webster Boutique, and their Butterfly Heel Shoes are just wonderful. I’m having too much fun looking at all the Bridal collections”.

Before you go; who are your favorite content creators to follow in the app?

“My favorite ladies on would be Josie a.k.a @josieldn, @miss_gunner, Sammi a.k.a @samanthamariaofficial, and also… Aimee Song a.k.a @songofstyle”.

What was the last screenshot you took?

“I was chatting to my Mom about what she should wear to the wedding, and I said she’d look beautiful in this dress from Reiss – so I had to screenshot it”.

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