Based in Manchester, UK, Onyi’s passion for photography and style led her to create @mossonyi; a fashion, travel and lifestyle blog with a focus on beautifully curated content with a twist.

We sat down with her to discuss how her ideas and style come to life through story-telling.

Q: What are you wearing today?

A: For today I’m wearing this beautiful Snakeskin Dress from H&M, and I’ve got this Red Patent Trench Coat on from Amazon Fashion Finds. On my feet, I’ve got Cowboy Ankle Boots from Very, and I’m wearing my usual rings that I always wear; my favorite is this one from Swarovski. For my makeup; my signature Lipstick! It’s a combination of reds that I mix from Code8 and IT Cosmetics.

Q: What comes first the outfit or the theme of the shoot?

A: I think the outfit and the theme actually go hand in hand. When people think of a theme they sometimes just think of the filter, but your personal style is actually part of the theme, so they really go hand in hand.

Q: So, leading on from that; how do you create a theme?

A: Last week I styled this beautiful Dress from Rotate and I stood in front of a Carousel and got this amazing shot. It was all part of the style and the way I posed for the shot, so like I said, that’s what really makes a theme come together.

Q: What are your top 3 go-to items that always secure killer content?

A: For creating killer content, I would recommend wearing statement outfits; something like this lovely embellished Jumper and also statement Jewellery like these rings that I have on. I particularly love this Chloe Tess Handbag because of the color. It’s very rich, and you can get a lot of use out of it because it goes with so many pieces; It’s one of my favorites.

Q: How does layering inspire your outfits and composition?

A: As you can see I love layering with Gold Jewellery and here I have a Coin Necklace which I paired in the past with a lovely Satin Blouse for a beautiful detailed shot.

Q: What’s your favorite vacation to style for?

A: My favorite vacation to style for is Summer because I’m a Leo, and I was born and raised in Nigeria in the sunshine. This slip dress is absolutely amazing and you can throw on a Denim Jacket if you get cold. This Leopard Print Dress is also perfect for Summer; I love the deep cotton front, as well as the details in the arms. It’s just a beautiful Summer Dress all-round.

Q: Do you have any tips for styling multiple looks around 1 key item?

A: This Blazer Dress is the perfect look for multiple outfits. Wear it as a one piece, layer it with a High Neck Jumper, or just throw it over a Dress.

Q: What’s your favorite shoot to date and why?

A: My favorite shoot has to be a blurred image of myself and my husband Craig, kissing in Rome in front of a Carousel. I wore this Blue Velvet Suit and we set up our Tripod to steal a kiss before the night came.

Q: Lastly, who are your favorite influencers to follow in the app and why? 

A: I love following @mikutas in the app; her outfits are very ‘every-day’, and she captures really beautiful, detailed shots. I also love following @collagevintage; her style is very effortless and chic, which she does really well.

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