Meet Jordan & Loanne, a.k.a, @collyertwins. The DJ’s turned style icons sat down with, for an exclusive look at their Spring/Summer wardrobe; plus a whole lot of laughs.

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Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

“Hey! We’re Jordan & Loanne, a.k.a, the @collyertwins. We are fashion, travel and lifestyle bloggers… dabble in a little beauty as well, and we do DJ’ing. We’ve been doing this full-time for about three years now, so we’re travelling all the time, and just having fun really! That’s us in a nutshell”.

What are you both wearing today?

Loanne: “As the weather was so nice today, i’m wearing a cute little white blazer from Topshop, with a logo tee underneath. I’ve also got black jeans from Topshop, a little black belt and some boots from Kurt Geiger”.

Jordan: “I feel like I’ve gone for a bit of a Parisian look today! I don’t know why… I just feel a little Parisian. My shirt is from Sezane, which I absolutely love! Wide leg trousers from H&M, and snakeskin boots from & Other Stories”.

Do you live by the rules sharing is caring?

Loanne: “I think we definitely agree that sharing is caring, and obviously Jordan & I used to live together. We don’t live together anymore, so when we did, it was almost like double the wardrobe. I feel like I had so many clothes when I lived with Jordan”.

Jordan: “We also match quite a bit. Boots, for example, we’re always wearing similar boots. Loanne actually brought the same Sezane shirt that I’m wearing now, with her today”.

First item of clothing you grab when you’re not sure what to wear?

Jordan: “For me, it’s a boilersuit. It’s so quick, so easy; you don’t have to think about combing or matching”.

Loanne: “Oh, me too! That’s exactly what I was going to say; either that, or maybe a co-ord, because you don’t have to think about it. Whack on a tee, and a pair of trainers”.

How would you say it’s each others style has evolved over the years?

Jordan: “I know your answer to this!”.

Loanne: “Jordan’s gone from quite preppy, you know, the American teen vibe. You used to be a little bit gothic too!”.

Jordan: “I was not gothic! I definitely think I was a lot more experimental than you. Back in the day, Loanne didn’t really have an interest in fashion. We grew up in Portugal so she had quite surfer style vibes. Now we’re in the industry, you’ve definitely found your own style”.

What’s been your fave DJ set?

Loanne: “Definitely Eldorado Festival. We’re DJ’ing there this year for the third in a row now. It’s just so much fun. Every time we’ve been, we get to play on this lovely little lake stage, all our friends are their, it’s amazing!”.

Jordan: “For me, it was probably the last year of Secret Garden Party. It was also on a lake stage. To be fair, it was a really intimate crowd, it was a female crowd, and we were playing old school RnB and Hip Hop!”.

Any fave #LTKswim tips at the moment?

Loanne: “I love wearing a head scarf, or a little scrunchie or head piece with a swimsuit; something that’s quite matchy-matchy!”.

Jordan: “I always think gold jewelry as well; it looks so nice with a swimsuit; especially with a tan!”.

Favorite thing to come home to after travelling?

Jordan: “Ooh, my bed! My bed, for sure! There’s nothing quite like it!”.

Loanne: “Mine’s actually my routine. I like my exercise routine, and I like waking up in the morning at the same time”.

Do you have any new spring/summer pieces you’ll be wearing everyday?

Loanne: “I love this yellow denim jacket from Weekday. It’s such a nice lemon color, and really the perfect fit for Summer”.

Jordan: “This dark green style (also from Weekday) has to be my favorite. It’s very fitted, it goes with everything and yeah; I just love the color”.

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