Is there an accessory more brilliant than the mini bag? 

You might think they’re impractical but these six bagged-up influencers are here to prove you wrong. Carrying a mini must-have will teach you the fine art of being ruthless with your everyday packing. It’s true, you don’t really need that oversized coffee flask and your 2020 planner for your Sunday stroll. 

What’s more? They’re undeniably chic too. 

Tiny bags are such a fun accessory to me. I love to wear minimal and simple outfits so throwing on a tiny bag is such an easy trend to pair with my personal style. Whether it’s a little pop of colour, print or texture, it can refresh an outfit and brand new life to wardrobe staples”. You heard it from Olivia Ward-Hands a.k.a @olivia_wh first!

Scroll through for a few of our fave ways to wear these #LTKitBag’s from a few sensational stylistas below… 

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